I suppose you'll have to get yourself another life.
Angela to Elle in The Butterfly Effect

Angela Petrelli (born Shaw) is a main character of Heroes and a recurring characters of Heroes: Reborn. She is the last surviving founding member of the Company who, following the death of Bob Bishop, went on to become the head of the organization. Angela sold the Company to Erica Kravid to aid in Erica's plan to save the world, but later learned that she wanted to doom it instead. After dreaming of Tommy and Malina's destiny to save the world, Angela asked Hiro to take her with the infants to 1999 so that she could watch over them and protect them from Renautas. Angela is the mother of Peter and Nathan, the grandmother of the late Claire and the great-grandmother of Tommy and Malina. She is an evolved human with the ability to see the future in her dreams.