Hiro in Genesis

Hiro Nakamura (中村広, Nakamura Hiro) is a main character of Heroes and a recurring character of Heroes: Reborn. Hiro is the CEO of Yamagato Industries and the former managing partner of Erica Kravid. Hiro was initially a lowly office drone, but when his ability manifested in 2006 he embarked on a quest to save the world with his friend and co-worker, Ando. During his adventures Hiro discovered that there were others like him with powers, his own father Kaito and childhood hero Takezo Kensei included. Over the years, Hiro learned from his successes and mistakes and decided to step up to the role of CEO, abandoning the use of his powers in favor of the more grounded duty of managing his late father's company. When Hiro rejected Hachiro Otomo's plea to send things into the future for him, Hiro was trapped in a videogame, but was later freed by Miko Otomo. Hiro has since decided to use his powers to help Noah Bennet in the fight against his former partner Erica Kravid. After losing his ability a second time, Hiro raised Tommy Clark himself before apparently sacrificing himself to hold off M. F. Harris. Hiro is an evolved human with the ability to bend time and space.