Micah Sanders (also known as Rebel or HeroTruther) is a main character of the first and second seasons of Heroes. He is also a recurring character of the third season of Heroes and the first season of Heroes: Reborn. Micah is the son of Niki Sanders and D.L. Hawkins. Micah is gifted with extraordinary intelligence, and cares very much for his deceased parents. Having a strong moral compass (though he has occasionally made less-than-moral choices), Micah believes there is a clear division between right and wrong. To this end, Micah (under the alias of REBEL), coupled with his own sense of morality and his ability, has set about contacting, warning, advising and leading evolved human fugitives all over the world. With the help of Leona Mills, he created an underground railroad for evolved human fugitives for them to escape being hunted down and captured by the Department of Homeland Security. The underground railroad is known as "Ellen", and is operated by LAWR and at least one other team under his leadership. He began it because of the capture of his family. After therevelation of evolved humans, Micah became known as Hero Truther, a mysterious figure spreading the truth about evos. He was eventually captured by Renautas agents and used to spread disinformation before being rescued by Carlos Gutierrez at which point he spread the truth about the June 13th bombing and set out to help stop the H.E.L.E. He is an evolved human with the ability to control and manipulate technology.

Early Life Edit