Hope is great, but we need caffeine
Mohinder to Sylar in Parasite

Mohinder Suresh was a main character of Heroes and a recurring character of Heroes: Reborn. He is a genetics professor from India who took up the research into evolved humans after the death of his father. Steadily unraveling the mysteries of his father's research, as well as determined to find his father's killer, eventually Mohinder joined the Company, and later defected to Pinehearst. Mohinder's research has since made the ground-breaking discovery of the way a normal human could gainabilities, with Mohinder using the new treatment on himself and becoming an artificial evolved human. Mohinder was formerly on the run from the government after escaping again from Emile Danko and his forces but, after the shutdown of Building 26 and the death of "Sylar", he went back to India, where he became a teacher again and lived with his former girlfriend, Mira Shenoy. However, after visiting the Carnival, Mohinder was attacked by Samuel Sullivan, who was looking for a film depicting his father showing how Samuel's ability can be vastly magnified. Hiro saved Mohinder, but put him in an asylum to keep him out of the way for the next few weeks. A mentally scrambled Hiro and Ando later rescued Mohinder and after creating another compass, he plans to go back to Mira and make up for breaking his promise to her.

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